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This OVer can be used as an infant carseat cover, nursing cover with 360° coverage, shopping cart cover and more!

A Note From the OVer Company given the COVID-19 Virus:

The OVer brand started as a means to protect our little babes from outside elements, abd the spread of viruses/germs through contact. We suggest multiple OVers to minimize the spread of viruses through contact. Having designated OVers for the shopping cart, nursing and carseat can help minimize contamination. Sanitizing your OVer through regular washing, and rotating often, all work towards keeping mama + babe wellness a priority.

This OVer is perfect to help protect your baby from sun, cold wind, light rain, colder temperatures and also because of it's breathable material this OVer allows proper airflow to keep baby cool in warmer temperatures when used as an infant carseat cover.

ONE size fits most.

This OVer is recommended for all year round.

>>Fabric Contents<<

95% Cotton

5% Spandex