"Cove" Nodo Hat

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The OVer Company’s nodo hats are a newborn baby must-have as it is as stylish as it is practical. Made from our high quality natural cotton blend material, these nodo hats are buttery soft and have the perfect stretch. The nodo hats make the perfect gift when paired with our nodo gowns, Reversible Swaddles, Butter Blankets or coordinating OVer covers!

Size • NB (12 inch diameter) + 3M (14 inch diameter)


Our Cove print was mindfully designed for all babies who have been lost, babies who have come after loss, and those who have come as a miracle to a longing family. The imperfect, hand drawn rainbow represents the joy that a child brings, and the promise we have that we CAN do this, no matter how hard the days may seem. Launched in fall 2019 alongside two earth inspired solids; Iced Coffee + Lennon.