Hey there! You've probably heard of #bumblebabee, but I thought it's time to let you know a little bit more about myself!

My name is Sarah, and I'm the 23- year-old owner of Bumblebabee Boutique . I moved to Cambridge in May right after graduating from the Western University Business Management program (BMOS) for work, and after getting a taste of the downtown I decided to get more involved and open my own store. 

Why a baby store? Because I love babies, and Cambridge is in desperate need of some local baby products. So many young mom's, and almost nowhere to shop. 
Now, I'm living my dream life as a small business owner and have never been happier. I hope to serve the community by bringing in high quality Canadian goods, plus some other imports that we just couldn't go without. If we don't shop local + Canadian, who will?! 

So, that's a little bit about me, the new owner of Bumblebabee Boutique. Want to see products we don't have? Let us know! I'm super receptive to feedback and want to serve you the best that I can.