The Magic of Christmas Pyjamas

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The Magic of Christmas Pyjamas

I do believe that the magic of Christmas is strongest in young children. Baking Christmas cookies perfectly for Santa to enjoy. Leaving a thank-you on his plate. Getting into bed knowing that in the morning, you will have so many special new toys to play with. And in the middle of all of these traditions lies one that is so special, and so old, that we can’t even remember when it started: the Christmas Pyjamas.

When I was girl, my sister and I would always get to open one special present on December 24 labeled “Open on Christmas Eve.” And each year, even though we knew exactly what was inside the beautifully wrapped package, we would excitedly tear away the wrapping and proudly parade around the house in our brand new Christmas pyjamas. Some years they would be full-on red and green, with Santa or reindeer decorating the surface, while other years they would be more plain, but cozy and warm. Regardless of their style, going to bed in brand new pyjamas every Christmas eve contributed to the overall excitement and magic of Christmas.

To this day, Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without new pyjamas. My sister and I, now 24 and 22, still receive a special Christmas Eve present every year. And every Christmas Morning, we gather in the living room in our new pyjamas and open presents as a family. When I have children of my own I know that I will be carrying on this tradition. I want them to feel the excitement and magic of the Christmas pyjamas, just like I did.

Is this tradition apart of your family? Do you have a different magical Christmas tradition? Start the conversation in the comments!

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