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Feel good shopping here.

Too often, we come across websites that give you absolutely no information about the shop. We see pictures of cute clothing, but are left wondering where they are made, who owns the store, and where everything is coming from. 

Bumblebabee is changing the way we shop online. We supply brands that you can feel GOOD about buying. We are sharing not only the face behind our company, but the face behind the brands we carry. We are doing our best to be fully transparent with the products that we bring in, to ensure that you and your bumblebabee will get only the best.

We are done with children making our children's clothing. We are done with toxic chemicals ending up in baby toys. We are changing the way we buy. FEEL GOOD about shopping at Bumblebabee Boutique.

Hey there,

Welcome to Bumblebabee Boutique, where we specialize in all things baby and toddler! Here you will find Canadian and ethically made clothing, toys, books, and more for newborns up to 5 years old. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All orders will be shipped via Canada Post within 3-5 business days of your order. Please note that Canada Post is doing their absolute best to keep up with the increased traffic, but it may cause slight delays in your order.


About Bumblebabee

Hey there! I'm Sarah, the 23 year old owner of Bumblebabee Boutique. Owning a business has always been a dream of mine, so after I graduated from Business Management at Western University, I jumped in and opened my very own boutique. 

I chose to open a baby store because I love babies, and what other store would be so much fun to run? Bumblebabee has a curated collection of products recommended to me by local parents, and ones that I fell in love with. We source Canadian, ethical, and organic whenever possible, ensuring your #bumblebabee only gets the best of the best! 

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